Have you acquired land for development? We’ll help you build on your investment.

Sometimes we’re approached by clients who already own land or property. The site is perfect for development, and they want to take this investment forward. Perhaps they have already drawn up designs for the new build or renovation, and have obtained planning permission.

Is this the stage you’ve reached? If so, Afraa offers a purely construction-based service as well as a complete project package. Please contact us if you need us to take care of this side of your investment for you. We’ll step in and manage the project from now on, constructing the building or buildings as per your existing design. It may be that your architect has already recommended us – we have a lot of referrals through other professionals.

We’ll start at the beginning with site preparation, which often involves the demolition of existing premises. With this lovely blank canvas to work on, our skilled and professional construction teams move in.  The individual contractors work collaboratively and courteously together, while always adhering to strict site safety guidelines. We can also provide other specialist services such as interior design and external landscaping.

Why choose Afraa?

Why choose Afraa? Because you can trust us. We will deliver your project on time and on budget; and the quality of the finished property will be everything you hoped for, and more. If you have a commercial or residential project you’d like to discuss, please contact us. There’s no obligation: just call us to talk about your plans and ideas, and we’ll take it from there.